Anonymous SIM Card to Receive SMS Messages and Verify WhatsApp Instagram Facebook and More


Some of the social media services are cracking down on virtual numbers. For example Instagram usually blocks you when trying to create an account with virtual phone number.

Don't worry, there is a solution. You simply need a good old physical SIM card to activate Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram or anything you like. Once you get the physical SIM card, you can use it multiple times and create accounts for multiple social media services.

One of the best choices is the GiffGaff SIM card. It has UK number (+44) and works Worldwide. Therefore you can receive SMS messages while being in any country! It's super easy to use and manage.

You can buy already activated GiffGaff SIM card with £3 credit on eBay for $15. It's super convinient when you don't want to reveal your personal data.

Together with your activated SIM card you will receive login data to a simple dashboard at

Here, if you need, you can top up your account with Paypal, Credit Card or an Anonymous voucher.

With GiffGaff you can receive SMS messages completely for free no matter where in the world you are. GiffGaff automatically roams on your home country's network.

In case you need to make a call or send an SMS prices vary. GiffGaff has excellent rates in Europe Union. More on pricing here and roaming prices here.

These GiffGaff SIM cards are super nice as you only need to send an SMS every 6 months to keep them active!

Here we in U.S. using GiffGaff SIM cards to receive SMS from Instagram, it works perfectly:

Get your Anonymous Activated and Credited GiffGaff SIM card on eBay Now

You can also order a non-activated SIM card for free Here

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